Boys At Wisconsin High School Do Nazi Salute In Group Photo

A group of teenage boys wearing tuxedos from Baraboo High School in Wisconsin posed for a photo while giving the Nazi “sieg heil” salute, which one of them posted on a Twitter page called “Welcome to Baraboo” on Nov. 11.

The page was removed, but Twitter user Carly Sidey re-posted the picture on Twitter, but then made her tweets private:

[T]his post has since been deleted, but i just want @barabooSD to be aware of the disturbing actions that are represented in this photograph. this is BEYOND sickening.

The Young Turks’ Jules Suzdaltsev tweeted more information about the picture:

School district administrator Lori M. Mueller tweeted that the school is considering potential legal action:

(Sources: Carly Sidey/Twitter, Jules Suzdaltsev/Twitter, Lori M. Mueller/Twitter)

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