Boy, 8, Put In Restraints, Injected With Sedative On First Day Of School

Debbie Kiroff says her eight-year-old son was placed in restraints and injected with a sedative on his first day in school in Toronto, Canada on Sept. 5.

Kiroff told CBC News that the principal at Holland Landing Public School called her to say that her son, who has a severe learning disability, was acting out and “escalating.”

Kiroff said: “They know he’s a runner. When I first brought him to the school, I said to them, ‘He likes to run. That’s his release.'”

The boy ran off to a nearby frog pond, as he has in the past, but this time the police were called.

“Mom, they’ve already got him in the police car. They’re taking him to the hospital because he’s too angry,” Kiroff ‘s daughter told her on the phone.

The cops took the boy to the Southlake Regional Health Centre where he was placed in restraints and injected with a sedative.

Kiroff’s said that she had to wait 15 to 20 minutes before being allowed inside:

Then the lady comes out and says, “I just want to talk to you before we go in … Did you hear your son screaming? He was out of control. The whole hospital could hear him.” How do you do that to my eight-year-old son? To me, he’s an injured child.

Kiroff recalled that a staff member told her: “I just wanted to let you know that we had to restrain him … and also inject him with a sedative.'”

Kiroff says that she was told the hospital didn’t need parental consent.

The hospital staff told CBC News that the restraints are used in “extreme situations” as a short-term intervention to protect a patient:

No one wants to use restraints; it is a last measure and is done only in dire situations deemed an “emergency.” In an “emergency” situation, our concern for our patient determines how long a restraint is used.

(Source: CBC News, Photo Credit: Debbie Kiroff)

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