Boy, 5, Dangles By Neck From 130-Foot Ferris Wheel

A five-year-old boy hung by his neck from a Ferris wheel about 130 feet off the ground after being allowed to ride without an adult in Yuhuan Park, China on Sept. 24.

The boy climbed out of the open window of the Ferris wheel cabin feet first when he slipped and almost plunged to his death, notes The Sun.

The boy’s mother was reportedly trying to save about $5.00 by not riding with her son, which employees allowed.

The boy desperately kicked his legs as he hung by his neck as operators let the Ferris wheel turn and waited until the boy’s cabin to came down.

Employees and witnesses rushed to the boy and freed him.

The boy was taken to a nearby hospital, but suffered no serious injuries except for a bruised neck.

City officials have reportedly shut down the Ferris wheel during an investigation of the incident.

(Source: The Sun)

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