Boxer’s Manager Threatens To Have Sex With Another Man’s Wife At Press Conference

Ahmet Oner, the manager of boxer Avni Yildirim, threatened to have sex with the wife of  a man who is part of boxer Chris Eubank Jnr’s team.

The bizarre incident happened during a press conference to promote a match between Yildirim and Jnr in Stuttgart, Germany on Oct. 7, reports the Daily Mail.

Oner shouted at a member of  Jnr’s team:

I’ll knock you out. You’re a f*cking piece of sh*t, a son of a b*itch, you fight me you c*nt.”

Oner was escorted out and back in, but shouted at the same member of Team Eubank:

You son of a b*tch I f*ck your wife in your bed!

For his part, Jnr declared:  “The warship has landed fully equipped, fully loaded and all the artillery is pointing at Yildirim.”

Yildirim countered: “Don’t forget the first world war when everybody was after the Turks and couldn’t do it. We are still here and everyone knows what Turkish soldiers are capable of. Turks are soldiers, war is in our DNA.”

(Source: Daily Mail, WBSuperSeries/Twitter)

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