Border Patrol Allowed Sick Teen Immigrant To Die In Jailed Detention, Video Shows Border Patrol Lied About His Death

A new surveillance video, released by ProPublica, shows the Border Patrol allowed a sick 16-year-old immigrant, Carlos Gregorio Hernandez Vasquez, to die without medical attention on May 20, and then lied about his on a report.

Carlos turned himself into the Border Patrol on May 13.

On May 19, Carlos was diagnosed (by a nurse practitioner at the Border Patrol’s overcrowded processing center in McAllen, Texas) with the flu and had a 103-degree fever.

The nurse practitioner told the Border Patrol that Carlos should be checked again in two hours, and taken to the emergency room if his condition got worse.

However, Border Patrol agents refused to take Carlos to the hospital, and instead transported him to a holding cell in Weslaco, Texas, which was being used as a quarantine for sick immigrants.

Four hours after Carlos’ death, Border Patrol records claim he was checked four times by guards, however, those four times occurred while the surveillance video was mysteriously shut off.

The Border Patrol falsely claimed Carlos’ corpse was discovered during a welfare check, but the video shows Carlos’ cell mate discovered the dead body and called for the guards.

The Border Patrol refused to comment, but claimed it was investigating itself.

(Source: ProPublica)

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