Blackwater Founder Erik Prince Hid 2016 Trump Tower Meeting From Congress

Journalist Mehdi Hasan asked Blackwater founder Erik Prince on Al Jazeera English why he did not mention to Congress his meeting at Trump Tower on Aug. 3, 2016 with Donald Trump Jr., Trump aide Stephen Miller, adviser to the UAE George Nader, and Israeli social media expert Joel Zamel.

Prince first claimed Congress never asked him: “I don’t believe I was asked that question.”

Hasan reminded Prince he was asked by a member of the House Intelligence Committee about any “formal communications or contact with the campaign.”

Prince claimed that he did mention the meeting, but Hasan noted the transcript showed Prince did not mention the meeting.

Prince then tried to shift the blame on the transcript: “I don’t know if they got the transcript wrong.”

(Source: Al Jazeera English/YouTube)

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