Black Women Buy Beauty Products At Walgreens, White Police Stop Them & Search Their Bags

Two black women, Crystal Davis and Santanna Neal, were searched  by white police officers after purchasing beauty products at a Walgreens in Miramar, Florida, on June 12.

Neal posted a video (below) of the search on Facebook with a caption: “Just being racially profiled at Walgreens.”

Davis recalled the incident to WPLG:

As soon as we walked in the store, we kept hearing the alerts, “Security check the floor.”

Davis said that after they purchased some beauty supplies, the police officers approached them outside:

We were just rushed by three officers.

Davis recalled the cops claimed they had received a report that someone was stealing, which she denied:

How? Here’s our bags. Here’s our receipt.

Davis said the officers didn’t find any stolen items, but believed that she and Neal were racially profiled:

It was like a profiling situation from the very beginning.

Davis said the Walgreens manager  is black, but stood by the racially profiling accusation:

Your race doesn’t mean anything. I can racially profile against another black person. You can be racially profiled against your own kind. We weren’t the only ones in the store, but we were being followed. We were harassed and they had no proof of anything.

The Miramar Police Department said the women voluntarily provided their bags to be searched (when they were confronted by armed white police officers).

(Sources: WPLG, Santanna Neal/Facebook)

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