Black Woman Confronts White Teen Who Called Her The N-Word

A black woman recently chased down a white teen, wearing a Confederate flag hoodie, who had reportedly called her the N-word in May.

The boy fled the woman on his bike, but she followed him in her car and on foot while shouting:

Hey you little sh*t! Remember that time  you called me a n*gger? Remember that? 

The woman filmed the confrontation, and posted it on Facebook, but Facebook removed the video for “violating community hate speech standards,” notes Atlanta Black Star.

She finally caught up with the teen when he stopped on his bicycle. and repeatedly asked him: “Who’s your mother?”

He refused to say, but did mumble an apology about how he was in a “bad mood” and was “hanging out with the wrong people” when he insulted her.

It still looks like you’re hanging with the wrong people. We’re all people. You understand that right?

The woman told the teen that she could have been “the wrong black person” and could have had a gun:

I’m a mother, so you better take this as a lesson… I don’t know who’s kid you are, but you need to come correct.

(Source: Atlanta Black Star)

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