Black Witness to George Floyd Killing Shuts Down Derek Cauvin’s White Defense Lawyer: ‘You Can’t Paint Me As Angry,’ White Lawyer Tries to Erase Black Man’s Testimony

A black witness to the George Floyd killing, Donald Williams II, shut down ex-cop Derek Chauvin’s white lawyer, Eric Nelson, for trying to portray him as an angry black man.

Nelson (who works at an all-white law firm) told Williams: “As you were there and interacting with Officer Thao and Officer Chauvin, you grew more and more upset. Would you agree with that?”

Williams did not take the bait, and replied: “I grew control and professionalism.”

Nelson tried to corner Williams: “You said, ‘Like, I really wanted to beat the sh*t out of the police officers.’ You were angry.”

Williams then destroyed Nelson: “No, you can’t paint me as angry. I was in a position where I had to be controlled. A controlled professionalism. I wasn’t angry because I stayed on the curb.”

Nelson then tried to have the black man’s testimony removed from the record.

(Sources: CNN via YouTube,

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