Black Tennessee Man Fired After Sitting During National Anthem

Tyler Chancellor, an African-American man in Chattanooga, Tennessee, says that he lost his job on Oct. 9 because he sat during the National Anthem at a Tennessee Titans football game on Oct. 7.

Chancellor told WTVC that he was invited to sit with his coworkers from 9Round, a kickboxing gym, in the VIP section of the stadium:

Me being a minority in this society, I chose to stand up for what I believe in- well not actually stand up, but sit down for what I believe in. I wasn’t the only one sitting down. There were other minorities in the stands sitting down.

Chancellor recalled his boss firing him two days later:

She said because you sat down, you were a part of a 9Round event, and you sat during the National Anthem. We no longer want to continue business with you. There was no sugar coating.

The owner of 9Round said the company supports military and first responders, and that Chancellor’s actions (protesting against the police brutality of black people) were disrespectful.

Chancellor said he doesn’t regret his decision to sit.

(Source: WTVC)

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