Black Mom Says Daughter Died After Medics Refused To Give Her Ambulance Ride

Nicole Black says that EMTs refused to give her 30-year-old daughter, Crystle Galloway, a ride to the hospital during a medical emergency because the EMTs told her she couldn’t afford an ambulance ride on July 4.

Galloway had a C-section and gave birth to a son only days before her medical emergency, notes WFTS.

Black said Galloway’s daughter called her to say something was wrong with Galloway. Black drove over and found Galloway slumped over in the tub.

Black told 911 dispatchers that Galloway was “drooling from the mouth,” but was breathing.

The Tampa Bay Times reports the 911 call was given coding that signified to Hillsborough County Fire Rescue medics that Galloway was suffering a possible stroke.

Black told WPBF that she and her daughter were told by the paramedics that they could not afford an ambulance ride:

They never asked us if we had insurance, which we do…

The whole conversation as the EMS drivers put my child in my car was that was best for us because we couldn’t afford an ambulance. My daughter begged for her life, she begged.

The paramedics claim that Black volunteered to take Galloway to the hospital — after calling 911 to help her daughter — and only asked paramedics take Galloway down the stairs, reports the Tampa Bay Times.

Black ended up taking Galloway to Tampa General Hospital where a CT scan showed bleeding in Galloway’s brain.

Black said Galloway fell into a coma and died on July 9:

She’s 30 years old and just graduated from college, she had her whole life ahead of her. You can tell me you’re sorry, you can give me your condolences, but you still have to work this out with God.

Hillsborough County Administrator Mike Merrill said the four medics were suspended after an investigation revealed they failed to check Galloway’s vital signs and filled out paperwork incorrectly. 

I deeply regret that this has happened and clearly this is unacceptable.

A disciplinary hearing is scheduled for July 31.

(Sources: WPBF, WFTS, Tampa Bay Times)

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