Black Media Banned From Trump’s Young Black Leadership Summit, Sponsored By White-Run Turning Point USA

Jason Johnson, politics editor for The Root, told MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace that President Donald Trump’s “Young Black Leadership Summit” did not allow black journalists to cover the event, which was put on by Turning Point USA headed by white right winger Charlie Kirk:

This is a testament to sort of overall authoritarianism and violence this president encourages. One, they blocked all black press from being able to come to the event.

I know several reporters, we were initially given passes to go to this event and then they took them back because they didn’t want anyone there who might possibly see the kind of violence this president was encouraging.

Johnson was appalled by the young black Republicans, who chanted “USA” and “CNN sucks,” during the White House event:

[Trump] is encouraging a generation of incredibly foolish young people… This isn’t about Republicans or Democrats. This is about the Trump personality cult…

These are lost, disturbed, self-loathing people who are part of a personality cult for a president who calls for domestic terrorism and a destruction of every norm that makes this country great.

(Source: MSNBC, Turning Point USA)

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