Black Man Targeted With Arson, N-Word Graffiti, Poisoned Dog In Arkansas

A black man in Jacksonville, Arkansas, has been victimized by arson, the poisoning of his dog and the words “Move N*gger” spray-painted on his property.

Kevyn Fowler showed KARK the racial message spray painted on his garage that was lit on fire:

This would be the most hurtful part right here. To see your property defaced with that vile word.

Fowler said he found the N-word message in December 2017 after an arson fire destroyed his garage:

This is hurtful. Anytime you lose just something because somebody else have an issue with you … just pitful. I have my children to think about. I have my mother to think about.

Fowler said he moved into the area in July 2017: “It’s been a nightmare.”

Fowler ‘s  English Bulldog, Sasha, 3, was found poisoned to death in her cage in  August 2017:

When somebody gets your dog, you know, that’s your soul.

Fowler said that someone stole one of his pickup trucks in August 2017:

I wonder what it is about me that is bringing them out the front doors to my property.

If I could go in time to see the future it’d be something totally different.

Fowler said he spent all his money on the house: 

I’m not going to be bullied or ran off over ignorance.

Police said they are investigating each incident.

(Source: KARK)

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