Black Man Sues Michigan Police After Being Tased & Beaten During Turn Signal Stop

An African-American man, Cody Meredith, is suing the police department in Taylor, Michigan, for excessive force stemming from an arrest on March 29, 2016, outside his mother’s home.

Meredith recalled the incident to WDIV:

I stopped at a stop sign, and they followed me home from there. Somebody I expected to protect me basically didn’t protect me.

Police also claim that when Meredith sped through a 25 mph zone at 35 mph, then turned into his mom’s driveway, but didn’t use a turn signal, so they turned on their lights. 

One officer told Meredith: “Oh sh*t, get back in the car, man.”

Meredith responded: “Where you guys coming from? Get up off me.”

A physical fight followed, which is the main part of Meredith’s federal lawsuit.

In the video, a cop told Meredith: “Shut the f*ck up you piece of sh*t,” and claimed Meredith had a warrant out for his arrest, which was not true.

“I was tased twice,” Meredith recalled.

Police claim Meredith resisted officers, resulting in the aggressive takedown.

Meredith told WDIV why he was upset with the police:

At that point, in my mind, I’m thinking, “Why did I get stopped?” Why did I get followed home when they could have pulled me over before I got to my home?

There was no opportunity to say anything. As soon as they got close to me they threw me to the ground and started beating me.

Meredith and his attorneys claim that police also used excessive force when additional officers arrived, including one cop who allegedly kneed Meredith in the back when he was handcuffed.

Meredith recalled the most violent part:

I was being choked. I was being beaten. I was in handcuffs being kicked in my face. There was a lot of stuff going on.

Meredith, who has since moved out of Taylor, said he never resisted officers, but ended up in the hospital:

They’re police officers. I’m a black male. That answers the question. They’re going to do and say what they can to protect themselves.

The Taylor police chief told WDIV that he isn’t allowed to talk about the case, the lawsuit or the actions of five officers. 

Police found small bag of marijuana inside Meredith’s car during a search.

Meredith was charged with drug possession and two counts of assaulting a police officer.

However, Meredith had a medical marijuana card, and the drug possession charge was dropped.

(Source: WDIV)

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