Black Man Shot and Killed During Police Chase in Indianapolis

A 21-year-old black man, Sean Reed, was shot and killed by police in Indianapolis, Indiana on May 6.

A live stream of the shooting was streamed by Reed from his phone as he led police on a car chase, and attempted to flee on foot.

TMZ posted the video and described the footage:

After bailing from the car, he started running on foot. It sounds like someone yelled, “Stop, stop.” Then you clearly hear him respond, “F**k you” … and then a flurry of gunshots rang out as the man fell to the ground. The phone’s camera came to rest pointed up toward the sky … and continued streaming. That was followed by tons of police sirens and someone screaming, “Oh my God!”

…According to the police scanner, cops were in pursuit of a vehicle around 6 PM and the car chase lasted for about 10 minutes before officers called it off.

A few minutes later, an officer reported seeing the driver of the vehicle from the pursuit running near the intersection from the video. An officer later said there was a shooting and the subject from the chase was down.

(Sources: TMZ, Sean Reed via YouTube)

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