Black Cop Fired After Stepping in When White Cop Had Suspect in Chokehold

Former police officer Cariol Horne told CNN on June 16 how she was fired from the Buffalo, New York Police Department for intervening when a white cop used a chokehold on a suspect in November 2006:

The message was sent that you don’t cross that blue line and so some officers — many officers don’t. I don’t want any officer to go through what I have gone through.

I had five children and I lost everything but [the suspect] did not lose his life. So, if I have nothing else to live for in life, at least I can know that I did the right thing and that [he] still breathes.

Horne had served 19 of the 20 years needed to receive her pension, but lost it after being terminated.

The Buffalo Common Council, which is under fire for the police brutality of an elderly man, submitted a resolution to the New York Attorney General’s Office to take a second look at Horne’s case.

(Source: CNN)

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