Bizarre Road Rage Incident, Angry Man Breaks Windshield

An unidentified man jumped on a woman’s windshield and broke it with his bare hands during a terrifying road rage incident that was caught on camera in Anaheim, California on Jan. 22.

Veneranda Valencia told KCBS that she had picked up her children from school when the “crazed” man in a white Jeep Cherokee followed her into a parking lot:

I looked in my rear view mirror. This guys was following me. That’s when he came on the side of the right of me, and that’s when he cut me off. And then he got out of the car. He jumped on my car, and he started punching on my windshield. I was just scared that he would pull out a gun or a knife or something,

Valencia said she saw the man get back into his SUV, and then she called police:

It never crossed my mind that he would do that. Or approach like that. I feel like he’s not in his right state of mind. He needs help. He could be dangerous, more dangerous. He could hurt somebody else. I want him caught.

(Source: KCBS)

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