Biden Denies Sexual Assault of Tara Reade, But Won’t Call For Release of His Senate Records at University of Delaware

Former Vice President Joe Biden denied a 1993 allegation of sexual assault made by a former Senate aide Tara Reade, but refused to call for the release of his Senate office records that are housed at the University of Delaware.

Biden issued his first personal denial during an interview with Mika Brzezinski on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”:

No, it is not true. I’m saying unequivocally it never, never happened. And it didn’t. It never happened.

Brzezinski repeatedly asked why Biden wouldn’t allow a search for any of his Senate office documents related to Reade at the University of Delaware; Biden insisted “they’re not there,” notes the New York Times.

Biden wrote in a Medium post that the National Archives should release any existing complaint related to the allegation:

There is only one place a complaint of this kind could be — the National Archives. The National Archives is where the records are kept at what was then called the Office of Fair Employment Practices.

I am requesting that the Secretary of the Senate ask the Archives to identify any record of the complaint she alleges she filed and make available to the press any such document. If there was ever any such complaint, the record will be there.

(Source: MSNBC/Twitter, Medium, The New York Times)

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