Best-Selling Christian Author Rachel Hollis Accused Of Plagiarism

Best-selling author Rachel Hollis has been accused of plagiarism on her Instagram page and in her upcoming book “Girl, Stop Apologizing.”

Katelyn Beaty reviewed “Girl, Stop Apologizing” in Christianity Today:

Unfortunately, Girl, Stop Apologizing is full of mantras and techniques that originate with others but that Hollis (or a ghostwriter) presents as her own. For someone whose enterprise is based on self-sovereignty and personal accomplishment, she is deeply reliant on the insights of others but doesn’t give credit where it’s due…

They include “Stop comparing your beginning with my middle” (p. 60); “Someone else’s opinion of you is none of your business” (p. 69); and “I love Jesus but I cuss a little” (p. 37). I traced the latter back to Nadia Bolz-Weber, who was perhaps adding her own spin to a quip from the late comedian Gladys Hardy.

Beaty also notes that Hollis plagiarized “a writing exercise by designer Debbie Millman”:

Millman writes, “Dream big, dream without any fear. … What kind of clothes do you wear?” Hollis writes, “Dream big. Don’t put any restriction on it. … What kind of clothes does she wear?”

Beaty notes more plagiarism from Hollis for copying Charles Duhigg:

“A habit is a series of three things: A cue, an action, a reward.” What she’s describing is “The Habit Loop” from Charles Duhigg (The Power of Habit). But on page 132, Hollis presents it as her own idea without attribution.

BuzzFeed News notes that “commenters on her Instagram have made disturbing allegations that the quotes that Hollis posts on her Instagram page — which she either attributes to herself or leaves vague — are plagiarized”:

Rachel you know you did not originally say this. Girl, tell the truth.

I’m cool with beautiful quotes on IG, but there have been some social media comments out there that you aren’t attributing your quotes, and it’s very important as a writer that we correctly quote these things so it doesn’t look like we are passing them off as our own.

Digitalcontentpolice on Instagram also noted Hollis’ alleged plagiarism:

The various author’s have reached out to you to remove their intellectual property and you have not responded or have blocked and deleted their comments. What exactly do you stand for? How would you like if people took YOUR QUOTES and put their name on them?

Hollis responded by blaming her “team,” noted Reddit user DidWeGetPlayed:

Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. I created the account as a way to lift up other mamas and it’s not for profit in any way but I’m mortified my team didn’t properly credit authors before they created and posted content.

I have removed all the quotes you cited in your highlights and will reach out to personally apologize to the authors you mentioned and ask how I can make it right. Please let me know if you see any others I’m missing.

(Sources: BuzzFeed News, digitalcontentpolice/Instagram, DidWeGetPlayed/Reddit, Christianity Today, Photo Credit: Rachel Hollis/Instagram)

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