Benham Brothers: God Sent Hurricane Irma Because Of LGBT Rights

David and Jason Benham claimed on Sept. 11 that God sent Hurricane Irma to get Americans to repent for LGBT rights.

The Christian activist brothers decided to speak for God in a Facebook video that they posted on the anniversary of 9/11, notes Right Wing Watch.

“So today,” David stated, “There’s a message from God for us.”

Jason cited Psalms 104:4 (“God, he makes the winds his messengers”), which was specifically written to Jewish people 2,000 years ago. Jason claimed the verse was about Hurricane Irma:

So God is speaking through the wind and now we have, just yesterday, Hurricane Irma touching land in Florida and God is speaking saying, “I’m making the wind my messengers.”

David later added:

We see that morally and spiritually today. The boundaries that God has put out for us morally are for our flourishing and for his best in our lives.

And when we say that gender, there is no boundary. When we say that sexuality, there is no boundary.

When we say that marriage can be whatever you want it to be, we are breaching the boundaries of God and we as a country on the anniversary of 9/11, sixteen years after that horrific terrorist act took place in our country, God is speaking: “Repent. Yes, you’ve rebuilt, but it’s time to repent.”

(Source: Right Wing Watch)

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