Before Stonewalling For Trump, Sarah Huckabee Sanders Preaches About Jesus’ Birth

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders invoked the Christmas story (video below) before a briefing in which she refused to answer questions about President Donald Trump and when he knew his former national Security Advisor Michael Flynn lied to the FBI.

Sanders told reporters (video below):

With Christmas season in full swing, I want shine a spotlight on some of the stories of Christmas generosity and love that show what the Christmas spirit and the American spirit are all about…

There will be so many acts of generosity and kindness that go unnoticed this Christmas season. These stories are important because they remind us what the season is all about and that’s the greatest gift of all, that a savior was born.

After giving her message about Jesus Christ, Sanders ducked questions about Trump and Flynn, and referred reporters to the White House attorneys who have refused to comment:

CBS News’ Major Garrett recalled that Sanders referred a reporter to the president’s lawyer John Dowd about “when the president became aware that Michael Flynn lied to the FBI”:

You referred her to [attorney] John Dowd and John Dowd is not engaging on that. That is a knowable fact in this building. It is not a legal matter… can you just tell us when the president became aware?

Sanders then dodged the question about Down dodging the question:

Well, the attorneys feel differently. They feel this is a question that should be answered by them and I’ll encourage them again to respond.

(Sources: CNN via YouTube, Fox News via YouTube)


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