Becki Falwell Says Husband Jerry Falwell Jr Did Not Watch Her Have Sex With Pool Boy, 2nd Man Claimed He Also Had Sex With Becki

Becki Falwell told The Washington Post that her husband Jerry Falwell Jr. did not watch her have sex with former “pool boy” Giancarlo Granda.

Becki — who has silently stood by while students have been expelled from Liberty University (where Jerry was the president) for sexual activity — complained: “I wish Christians and people would be as forgiving as Christ was.”

Granda told POLITICO that he met Becki when the Falwells were staying at his place of employment, the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami, on March 2012:

I was chatting with some girls my age (20 at the time). Becki said, “Those girls don’t know what they’re doing, you need someone with more experience.”

Granda said that he and Becki walked to her hotel room where she dropped a bombshell about her beloved husband Jerry:

She goes, “But one thing.” And I’m like, “Okay.” And she’s like, “My husband likes to watch.” And just then he comes out and he’s wearing a Speedo. He enjoyed watching us in person and also remotely through video cameras. He also listened to our phone calls.

Jerry denied that he watched Becki have sex with Granda, insisted he didn’t know they had an affair and claimed Granda (his business partner in a Florida hostel) has been trying to extort money from him. Granda denied that, and said he just wanted to get out of their business partnership.

The Washington Post reported on Aug. 24 that Jerry was going to resign from his president/chancellor position at Liberty University, but Jerry told Virginia Business that reports of him resigning are “completely false.”

Jerry then told The Wall Street Journal hours later that he had resigned. Some have speculated that Jerry wanted a larger financial package before resigning.

On Aug. 25, Jerry said he resigned because he was “starting to get bored,” reports the Daily Mail:

I’ve accomplished all I can accomplish and I want to move on. I was starting to get bored.

Jerry also quoted Martin Luther King Jr. (whom his father criticized) after resigning:

It’s a relief. The quote that keeps going through my mind this morning is Martin Luther Ling Jr: “Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty I’m free at last.”

The Daily Mail notes that another man claimed to have a sexual affair with Becki:

In 2019, Falwell settled a lawsuit with a different young man – Gordon Bello – who claims he had a “personal relationship” with Becki.  He claimed that he was entitled to a stake in the hostel and sued the couple for it. The matter was settled privately with an undisclosed monetary sum that Falwell Jr. agreed to pay Bello.  

(Sources: Daily Mail, POLITICO, The Washington Post, Virginia Business, The Wall Street Journal)

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