Billboard Opposes Corporal Punishment

A billboard in Amarillo, Texas, says “,” but actually opposes corporal punishment such as spanking.

Activist Daniel Vander Ley told KVII that he hopes the billboard starts a conversation: 

Corporal punishment of adolescents by parents has been deemed a risk factor for the epidemiology of depression, suicide, alcohol abuse, child abuse and wife beating.

According to Vander Ley, his research is from the National Institute of Health:

If we know the dangers, if we know how damaging it is to kids, why do we encourage it?

River Road High School Principal Dean Birkes explained how the school is bringing back corporal punishment:

This is something that our parents had come up, and talked to our board members, and our board members addressed it with the administration about we want to bring this punishment back into effect.

We’re not going to force this on anybody. If we’ve got a kid that’s extremely emotionally distraught and stuff, we’re really going to talk to the parent and go, “Hey, there’s something else going on, we really need to be looking at this.”

Birkes gave his opinion on the billboard: “Everybody is going to take their own take from it, it’s freedom of speech and that’s what they can do.”

Vander Ley added: “My real goal here is to provide the children in this community and across America, the research.”

KHOU reported in July 2017 that the Three Rivers Independent School District and 26 other school districts approved new policies about paddling students.

(Sources: KVII, KHOU)

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