Sen. Jim Inhofe Defends Ivory Coast Dictator

The international community and the U.S. government have been united against Ivory Coast dictator Laurent Gbagbo, who has been fighting to retain power, and is accused of committing numerous war crimes. Gbagbo has even attacked U.N. personnel and facilities, prompting the international body to launch a rare offensive against his beleaguered forces last night.

Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK) took to the Senate floor yesterday to give a lengthy speech in defense of incumbent Gbagbo and his powerful wife, whom Inhofe called “good friends.” Inhofe painted a picture of the conflict in polar opposition to the facts on the ground, accusing challenger Ouattara of “rigg[ing]” last November’s elections, and ludicrously claiming that Gbagbo’s forces “don’t have any weapons.” Thus, Inhofe demanded an immediate ceasefire in the conflict, even though Gbagbo’s forces have already been routed.

Additionally, CBN’s Pat Robertson, who has repeatedly defended the dictator, said that Gbagbo’s impending departure is a “great tragedy” because the country is now going to be into the hands of Muslims” (see video below). Gbagbo’s wife made it possible for CBN to broadcast its programming in the Ivory Coast, including a localized version of its flagship program The 700 Club.

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