Defends Pfc. Manning Treatment

At a press briefing, ABC’s Jake Tapper asked President Obama about Pfc. Bradley Manning who has reportedly been held in “Inhumane conditions” by the US military, prompting an investigation by the UN. Obama said that the Defense Department “assured” him that Manning is being held in proper standards, perhaps for his own safety, and didn’t elaborate beyond that.

Last night, as reported by former BBC America journalist Philippa Thomas, State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley commented on Manning’s treatment during an event organized by the Center for Future Civic Media. Crowley blasted the treatment of Manning by his “colleagues at the Department of Defense.”

Since the arrest of Pfc. Bradley Manning for allegedly sending classified material to Wikileaks, civil liberties groups and members of Congress have protested his treatment, which involves being kept in solitary confinement, being denied access to a pillow or bed sheets, and being forcibly stripped naked every single night.


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