Christian Radio Host Kevin McCullough Claims “Americans Don’t Know Poverty”

Radio host Kevin McCullough, filling in for Frank Pastore on KKLA-FM in Los Angeles, recently made the claim that “Americans don’t know poverty.”

The comment happened during a segment in which McCullough was playing a comedy routine by Jamie Foxx, who jokingly declared that President Obama was his “Lord and Savior.”

Several black listeners called in trying to explain to McCullough that Foxx was doing a comedy routine as the MC of the Soul Train Awards on Sunday, but McCullough treated the joke as deadly serious.

One caller named ‘Edward’ started to talk about poverty in America, to which McCullough scolded him and said “Americans don’t know poverty.” McCullough, then added: “Everybody’s got a pair of Nikes and a cell phone, literally.”

McCullough failed to provide any proof for his statement, but then changed the subject to poverty in Haiti.

(Source: KKLA-FM)

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