Christian Radio Host Frank Pastore Claims That Masturbation is a “Sin”

On January 26, 2012, speaking on his radio show on KKLA-FM, Christian radio host Frank Pastore took a  phone call from a 28-year-old virgin using the synonym of “Mary” who wanted to know if masturbation was a sin.”

Pastore responded with “of course it’s a sin.”  His recommendation to avoid sinning was having people get married in their teens, as he did.

His guest Joshua Moore from abstinence organization ‘Reality Check LA’ said that pornography and masturbation were the “same thing” and that solo masturbation “steals” from God’s plan of sex.

Joanna Hyatt, also from ‘Reality Check LA’, claimed that solo masturbation somehow objectifies other people and is “reducing them to this one aspect and thereby reducing yourself.” 

(Source: KKLA-FM)

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