Jason Mattera Fooled by Bono Impersonator

Breitbart.com employee and self-styled “bad boy reporter” Jason Mattera thought that he was scoring the “ambush journalism” coup of his life when he sidled up to U2 frontman and rock star do-gooder Bono.

Sadly, Mattera’s scoop was scuttled by the fact that the person he had mistaken for the Irish singer was actually a celebrity impersonator. In video of the confrontation, the would-be shock journalist peppered the baffled-looking “Bono” with questions, never seeming to notice or realize that the person in front of him not only wasn’t Bono and didn’t have an Irish accent.

Additionally, Frank Pastore of KKLA-FM in Los Angeles played the clip on his radio show on March 20, 2012 and also fell for the ruse.  Pastore then falsely claimed that Bono was all for other people paying higher taxes, something Bono has never said. Pastore removed the third hour of his show (that includes the clip) from his web site (PastoreCentral.com) and replaced it with a duplicate of the first hour.

Mattera and Pastore were not the only ones taken in by “Bono,” as you can hear in the Media Matters clip of The Sean Hannity Show, below:

(Source: RawStory.com)

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