Blackwater Founder Erik Prince Whines About Liberals That Exposed Murders of Civilians by Blackwater

Blackwater founder Erik Prince whined to “This Week” about the downfall of his mercenary outfit.

“The anti-war left went after the troops during an unpopular Vietnam War. This time they went after the contractors. Blackwater was a very easy whipping boy for them,” Prince told ABC’s Martha Raddatz.

“If the amount of scrutiny paid to that event was paid to every other shooting of any U.S. forces or other contractor forces, it would tie up the Justice Department for the next decade,” Prince said.

“War is dangerous. It is difficult, and unfortunately, civilians get killed,” he added.

However, Crooks and Liars asks Prince:

Did liberals make you run guns?
Did anti-war activists force you to charge the government for prostitutes?
Was it the timid souls who told you to massacre Iraqi civilians and get yourselves kicked out of Iraq?
Was it us big meanies who so tainted the name “Blackwater” with fraud, murder, corruption and out-of-control mercenaries that you were forced to change the name to Xe (which didn’t work as well as you hoped and now the name is Academi) and move the corporation outside the US Justice Dept controls to the United Arab Emirates?

(Sources: ABC News and

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