Rick Santorum Gets Furious During Radio Interview Over Contraception

Things got a little heated today when Rick Santorum called into a Cincinnati’s 700 WLW radio station. Host Scott Sloan brought up the inevitably provocative topic of contraception — and the whole thing seemed to push Santorum’s buttons as he got into a heated defense of his views and attacked the media.

Sloan said his wife, who is “pretty conservative” and Catholic, is “pretty mad at you about the whole birth control thing.” Emphatically, Santorum replied, “It’s a bogus issue, it’s absurd.”

“This is what the national media does,” he continued, “they don’t want us to be able to talk about Barack Obama’s pathetic record on the economy and jobs … This is my opinion on my personal faith, and they’re all of a sudden saying, ‘well he must wanna do this with everybody else.’ Well that’s just crazy!”

The conservation turned into a shouting match, until Santorum’s phone died. Which Sloan then made fun of him for.

(Source: Mediaite.com)

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