Christian Authors Dannah Gresh and Dr. Juli Slattery Demonize Female Masturbation

Appearing on the “Focus on the Family’ radio program, Christian author Dannah Gresh and author/radio host Dr. Juli Slattery demonized masturbation as a distortion from Satan, a sin and something that would cause a woman to not desire her husband. Gresh also claimed that women had fainted just from talking about masturbation in her office.

Juli Slattery said: “Another of Satan’s distortions… is that you can take care of yourself sexually, that you can please yourself… it’s the underlying attitude that women are adopting, ‘I really don’t need a man.’ ”

Dannah Gresh added: “The purpose of your sexual desire was to draw you to be known. When you begin to self-gratify it can become addictive to the point where you become so satisfied physically that you have no desire to be drawn towards someone.

“So let’s decide if it is sin. There’s not really a place in scripture that directly references it. The definition of sin is to miss the mark of my purpose. The bulls eye sexually speaking is one man, one woman coming together. Therefore anything that causes us to have less of a desire for that intention for sex or does not allow our sexuality to draw us to, in this case, a female to a one man relationship, is sin.”

“You might find yourself so satisfied that when you get into the marriage relationship that your husband isn’t able to satisfy you the way that you can. That;s the practical risk. It misses the mark of God’s design.”

We contacted Dannah Gresh for any scriptural or medical back up for her claims, but did not receive an answer.

(Source: Focus on the Family)

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Comment (2)

  1. I can verify that you did not attempt to contact Dannah Gresh. This article is false and misleading.

  2. Dear Mr. Gresh:

    We did attempt to contact Dannah Gresh via the form on this page on her web site:

    We also sent an email to the only email address that is visible and associated with the web site

    We received no response.

    We stand behind our story as the audio (above) from Focus on the Family (which we did not edit) proves. Anyone can listen to it and see that the story was reported correctly.

    If you or Dannah have any response or “proof” we will be happy to publish it as well.

    We have sent you an email with this same response.


    Michael Allen


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