Bathing Elephant Charges Tourist Boat

An elephant was filmed on the Chobe River charging a tourist boat in the country of Botswana in Africa.

Radio and TV host Su-An Marais told Latest Sightings that she filmed elephant as the tour boat approached the beast.

We went on a guided boat-drive on the Chobe river, for my mother-in-law’s 60th birthday:

Although we were extremely close to the elephant, it seemed to be grazing quite peacefully in the fully flooded waters. “What could go wrong? I mean, even a fully grown elephant can’t swim that fast in deep water, right?”

So I decided to take a video to record the plucking, chewing and breathing sounds of the animal, as no one would believe me if I had told them without proof… but clearly we were too close for comfort.

Luckily I was already recording because the charge happened so fast, that I would not have been able to get my camera out in time for the action.

My husband and my father-in-law are the two people in front whom almost had an elephant tooth through each of their heads.

Behind them was my mother-in-law who turned 60 on the day the day the video was shot and next to me my sister-in-law.

So there were many precious lives at stake all of whom loves animals! Ironically, the last words before the elephant charged us came from my mother-in-law’s mouth was: “Hello liefie (lovey)!”

(Source: Latest Sightings)

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