Australian Researchers Create Fast COVID-19 Blood Test, U.S. Lacks Basic Swab Testing That Takes Days

In another success for socialized medicine, researchers in Australia have created a 20-minute blood test that can check to see if someone currently is infected with COVID-19 and if there has been a coronavirus infected in the past (VIDEO BELOW).

The researchers — from BioPRIA, Monash University’s Chemical Engineering Department and ARC Centre of Excellence in Convergent BioNano Science and Technology (CBNS) — announced their breakthrough in the medical journal ACS Sensors, notes Reuters:

Short-term applications include rapid case identification and contact tracing to limit viral spread, while population screening to determine the extent of viral infection across communities is a longer-term need.

Back in the U.S., the patchwork for-profit health care system is still failing to provide enough basic swap testing (which takes days to get results from), reports CNN, the New York Times and CBS This Morning.

(Sources: Reuters, CNN, The New York Times, CBS This Morning)

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