Atlanta Police Ticket People For Feeding Homeless Folks On Thanksgiving

Atlanta police officers issue citations to Adele Maclean and Marlon Kautz for feeding homeless people without a permit.

Maclean told WSB-TV:

We’re looking at a citation. I mean outrageous, right? Of all the things to be punished for, giving free food to people who are hungry?

Maclean and Kautz have been giving food to homeless people for quite some time in a city park, but had never heard of the fascist-like permit until now.

Maclean added: 

It seems ridiculous to me that they would be spending their time and resources on stopping people from feeding the homeless.

The city, which failed four decades to provide enough food or shelter, claims thee are better ways to help the homeless, such as getting them into under-funded programs and shelters.

But the real issue seems to be litter that is left behind after the homeless humans are fed. Instead of simply citing people for littering the city has chosen to cite people for feeding their fellow human beings.

(Source: WSB-TV)

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