Atheists Demand Public School Remove Christian Flag, Students Fly Their Own Flags

LaPoynor High School in Larue, Texas, was told to remove its Christian flag in a letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF).

FFRF lawyer Sam Grover sent the letter to Superintendent James Young of LaPoynor Independent School District on Oct. 11.

Grover’s letter said that flying the Christian flag could be considered a school endorsement of Christianity and a violation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. 

KETK notes that a small group of students responded to the FFRF’s demand by flying three large Christian flags from the back of their pickup trucks parked in the school’s parking lot. 

The poorly educated students thought they were rebelling against the FFRF, but they were actually obeying the law because their vehicles are not school property; a simple concept they failed to grasp.

Facebook user Danielle Reichert-Davis posted, and later removed, a picture of the students’ flags with an ill-informed caption: “So you didn’t like the one flag we had flying, how about three more. We have a great group of kids I tell you what.”

The school district told KETK: “We are in the process of reviewing the concerns addressed in the correspondence and will take any action deemed necessary.”

Evangelist Franklin Graham was equally ignorant of the law when he cheered the students for their supposed rebellion, which is actually in compliance with the FFRF:

I appreciate Christians who’ve got the guts to take a stand. Shaine Snyder and some of the Christians in the tight-knit community of LaRue, Texas, are defending the rights of their local high school to display the Christian flag—and I’m proud of them! They received a letter from the atheist Freedom From Religion Foundation demanding that the Christian Flag not be flown at LaPoynor High School any longer.

So some of the students began flying large Christian flags in their pick-up trucks! Their community doesn’t want or need these atheists telling them what to do. As one man there said, “It’s important, when you’re dealing with a bully, to stand up to that bully.” I talked with Shaine yesterday, and another meeting is being held tonight. Would you pray for her and the Christians in this community as they stand up to this anti-God group and speak out for their religious freedoms?

(Source: KETK, Franklin Graham/Facebook, Photo Credit: Danielle Reichert-Davis/Facebook)

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