Asian Restaurant Manager Slaps Black Employee Over $8 Refund

An Asian manager at Doo’s Seafood slapped a black employee over an $8 refund in Snelville, Georgia, on May 18, notes Rolling Out.

Facebook user Markus Moultrie filmed the incident and wrote a description:

The crazy sh*t that happened on my lunch an Asian man hit his black employee becuz his wife was mad at me because she had to give me a refund for $8.47….she told her employee she had to pay for my meal….

I told her that’s nonsense if you the one who f*cked up my order then you need to pay for it not ya employee…*t popped off….anybody know lawyers or how to publicise this situation….anybody know News connects cuz this sh*t was crazy!!!

(Source: Rolling Out, Facebook/ Markus Moultrie)

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