Asian Man Goes On Racist Rant To Get Hispanic Woman’s Bus Seat

An Asian man went on a racial attack against a Hispanic woman because he wanted her seat on a New York City bus.

Facebook user Chelsea Soriano posted a video of the incident with a description from family member Cris Soriano:

So today my family and I were taking the Q32 to Manhattan. Everything was fine until this old Asian man got on and started hassling the woman sitting down to give up her seat.

Now this man did not ask nicely he straight up yelled at her asking her if she can read…

This woman was old and had trouble walking, only difference is this old man used a walker…

So let me finish, on top of yelling at this woman… he started ramming his walker on to this poor woman’s legs. He then told her to get out and go back to her country. Mind you this woman spoke clearer English than he did…

AND THENNNN he called us spicks and told us all to go back to where we came from.
He also went on a rant about how Asians are better because they pay taxes and they never go to jail. Unlike us brown people…

Before yall try to come at us for not helping, we did try. We told the man to just take the seat in front but he was adamant about hers. The woman also kept her ground so she was fine dealing with him, hence her calmness in the video.

(Source: Chelsea Soriano/Facebook)

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