As Trump Fails to Contain Deadly Coronavirus, Trump Fans Cry #SubpoenaObama

As President Donald Trump continues to fail to contain the deadly coronavirus, Trump supports have been tweeting #SubpoenaObama.

Trump and his followers want former President Obama to be investigated because the FBI investigated communications between the Trump campaign and Russian officials during the 2016 campaign. They have dubbed this conspiracy “Obamagate.”

Trump claimed Obama committed a crime on May 11, but could not name what the crime was.

However, Republican leadership refuses to go along with Trump’s “deep state” “Obamagate” conspiracy theory against the popular former president, notes CNN.

Steven Aftergood, an expert on government classification at the Federation of American Scientists, explained to the New York Times how the Trump administration is trying to investigate then investigators:

It is putting the spotlight on the investigators rather than the investigated. It is saying what is irregular here is not the extraordinary contacts with the Russian government but the attempt to understand them.

(Sources: CNN, The New York Times, Twitter)

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