As COVID-19 Skyrockets, Trump Brags About Bringing ‘Back’ Incandescent Light Bulbs (Another Lie)

President Donald Trump bragged about bringing “back” incandescent light bulbs during another bizarre news conference, while failing to offer a national plan to slow the record-breaking numbers of COVID-19 deaths and cases:

I brought ’em back. They have two nice qualities: They’re cheaper and they’re better. They look better, they make you look so much better. That’s important to all of us.

However, incandescent light bulbs never vanished. Trump eliminated energy efficiency standards light bulbs, but incandescent light bulbs have mostly been replaced with cheap, long-lasting and more efficient LED bulbs.

Trump ignored reality and falsely claimed that incandescent light bulbs are “selling like hotcakes.”

(Source: C-SPAN via Twitter)

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