As Activists Occupy Seattle’s Capitol Hill, City Bans Tear Gas, Expels Police Union

As anti-police brutality activists occupy Seattle’s Capitol Hill precinct — which they renamed the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone — the King County Labor Council voted to expel the Seattle police union and Seattle’s City Council voted to ban the us tear gas and chokeholds by police.

Socialist City Councilmember Kshama Sawant, who’s calling for the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone to remain permanently in community control, told Democracy Now, how activism is working:

Our movement was able to force a unanimous vote on the Seattle City Council, which is dominated by the Democratic Party establishment, to make Seattle the first city in the nation to win a comprehensive ban on the use and purchase of chemical weapons and other barbaric weapons used against protest movements, so tear gas, as you mentioned, mace and pepper spray, rubber bullets, flashbang grenades, water cannons, ultrasonic weapons. I mean, these are just horrific weapons that are being deployed against peaceful movements. And as you said, Nermeen, we also won a ban against the police use of chokeholds.

In response to the Seattle activists, President Trump called for a crackdown on the city during an interview with Fox News:

...[T]he police are somehow told not to be there. I’m sure they’d do a good job, if they were told to do a good job. I assume they are properly trained. But we would go in there, if they want us in, and we will take it back very quickly. It should never be allowed to fester like it’s festering right now.

(Source: Democracy Now)

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