Armed Trump Supporter Arrested At Houston Library Hosting Drag Queen Story Hour Event

James “Doc” Greene Sr. was charged with trespassing at the Freed-Montrose Library in Houston, Texas, on Jan. 26.

Greene, was reportedly protesting a Drag Queen Storytime Hour at the library, when he was told to leave, but refused to do so.

Greene, who was issued a trespassing warning last month by the Houston Public Library (HPL), was detained, disarmed, and escorted out by police, notes OutSmart Magazine.

Greene, a host for Raging Elephants Radio, filmed the incident and posted a video on YouTube and claimed without proof that he was “arrested for simply being a Christian.”

Greene told the police who escorted him out:

We have a bunch of homosexuals that are molesting children. They are doing it with your help.

(Sources: Doc #AmazingDocGreeneShow/YouTube, OutSmart Magazine, Photo Credit: James Greene Jr./Facebook)

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