Armed Arkansas Judge Picks Fight Over Parking Space

Benton County Circuit Judge Brad Karren was filmed confronting former Arkansas Speaker of the House Davy Carter over a parking place.

Carter said on Twitter the judge had a meltdown when his when Carter’s son mistakenly parked in the judge’s sparking space in a government-owned parking lot, reports KFSM:

I walked out and saw a very angry man with a gun on his hip and a cane berating my son and wife because my son parked in “his” parking spot. It was beyond berating, and, like any dad or husband, immediately caught my attention.

My son and wife repeatedly apologized to him and my son unsuccessfully tried to explain to him that he thought, per the signs, that after 5:00 pm anyone could park there. They were both met with rabid fury and anger.

(Source: KFSM)

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