Arkansas Sheriff Resigns After Going on N-Word Rant, Insists He is Not Racist: ‘I’m a Christian Man’

Arkansas County Sheriff Todd Wright resigned after going on a racist rant against Desiree Middlebrooks, the mother of his child, because she talked to a Black employee, Nick Clark, inside a Piggly Wiggly grocery store in DeWitt, Arkansas.

Middlebrooks secretly recorded Wright as he called Clark a “dread head n*gger” and Middlebrooks a “n*gger lover.”

During a Arkansas County Quorum Court held on Aug. 31, Wright blamed the devil for his racist rant, reports the Pine Bluff Commercial:

I’m a Christian man. I read my bible everyday. I am by no means a racist. That video does not show the true picture of me.

Betty Wofford, an aunt of Clark, called out Wright’s hypocrisy:

The guy he was speaking of, that’s my nephew. He wouldn’t come here today. He doesn’t like this kind of stuff but he’s hurt. I don’t believe anything you just said. You have to say this stuff because you want to keep your job.

(Sources: Pine Bluff Commercial, Desiree Middlebrooks via Twitter)

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