Arkansas Police Break Teen’s Tooth In Brutal Arrest Over Weed Pipe: Report

Police in Farmington, Arkansas, were filmed on New Year’s Eve reportedly breaking the tooth of a 15-year-old boy for allegedly possessing a marijuana pipe.

According to The Free Thought Project, two police officers demanded to know what the teen had in his pocket while inside the bathroom of a convenience store. It’s not clear if the cops had warrants or probable cause.

The teen originally denied having a pipe for smoking marijuana, but soon admitted he did, notes Northwest Arkansas Lifestyle.

However, when the boy went to pull the pipe out of his pocket, the police reportedly tossed him against the bathroom wall, which broke his tooth.

As the teen’s friend began to film the incident, a cop yelled “stop resisting!” at the non-resisting teen who stood next to the bathroom wall crying from the pain.

The 15-year-old cursed at the cop who then took him down to the concrete floor while repeatedly shouting: “Stop resisting!”

The cop kneeled on the boy’s neck and back as he screamed in agony.

The teen cursed at the cops again, which is not a crime, and the police appeared to inflict more pain as the teen began to wail.

The Farmington Police Department has not issued a statement.


(Sources: The Free Thought ProjectNorthwest Arkansas Lifestyle)

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