Arkansas Cop Executes Driver At Close Range For Not Getting Out Of Car

The Little Rock Police Department and a marketing firm released 25-minute “critical incident narrative” dash cam video of Officer Charles Stark shooting and killing Bradley Blackshire on Feb. 22 on Arkansas.

Starks executed Blackshire in a parking lot where Blackshire was driving a vehicle that had been reported stolen, notes the Arkansas Times.

Police originally claimed that Starks fired on Blackshire after Blackshire accelerated and hit Starks.

In reality, the video shows Blackshire’s car moving very slowly away from Starks and around Starks’ police SUV.

An attorney for Blackshire’s family said nothing “indicates” that Blackshire knew the car he borrowed the day of the shooting was stolen.

The video shows Starks asking Blackshire repeatedly and aggressively to get out of the car. Blackshire asked what he had done, but Starks said, “Get out! I’ll explain to you in a second.”

Blackshire said, “What you gonna shoot me for, I ain’t got — ” as the car began to move slowly forward and soon after Starks appears to begin shooting.

(Source: Arkansas Times)

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