Arizona Theater Calls Police On Black Man After He Refills Soda

A black man, Larry Shelton, claims that he was racially profiled at an AMC movie theater in Ahwatukee, Arizona on March 8.

Shelton says he was asked to leave after being accused of not paying for a ticket and refusing to show his ticket to a security guard who approached him after he went to refill his soda, notes the Arizona Republic.

Shelton filmed his discussion with a security guard and two police officers arriving. Shelton posted the video on Facebook with the comment: “I was a victim racial profiling today at Ahwatukee AMC….SMH.”

Shelton showed both the manager and the police his movie ticket, and was not charged.

Shelton asked the manager for a refund, but the manager refused. The manager claimed that Shelton violated the theater’s code of conduct by having his cellphone light on during the movie through his recording of the incident.

According to Shelton, AMC sent him an email apologizing for the incident and offered vouchers for a free movie, soda and popcorn .

(Sources: Arizona Republic, Larry Shelton/Facebook)

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