Arizona Republican Claims Vaccinations Are Like Communism

Republican State Rep. Kelly Townsend compared possible future Arizona requirements for children to be vaccinated to communism in a bizarre rant on Facebook:

Dearest friends and people of Arizona, it seems we are prepared to give up our liberty, the very sovereignty of our body, because of measles.

I read yesterday that the idea is being floated that if not enough people get vaccinated, then we are going to force them to.

The idea that we force someone to give up their liberty for the sake of the collective is not based on American values but rather, Communist.

Townsend said that she had a child who was injured by vaccines, but did not provide details. Townsend added that that instead of focusing on requiring vaccinations, the state should put more funding into researching vaccine injuries.

The Republic noted in 2018 that Townsend said women will have “no defense” for sexual harassment or rape if they “continue down this path.”

Townsend was referring as topless demonstrator at a women’s march.

(Sources: Kelly Townsend/Facebook, The Republic)

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