Arizona Police Won’t Apologize For Roughing Up Innocent Autistic Teen, Family Sues For $5 Million

The family of a 14-year-old boy with autism is suing the City of Buckeye, Arizona, because the police department refuses to apologize and pay for the teen’s medical bills (more video below).

Officer David Grossman mistook 14-year-old Connor Leibel — who has autism — for a drug user and violently took him down in a neighborhood park in July 2017, notes KNXV.

Grossman’s police body cam captured the incident (video below), and made headlines.

The Buckeye Police Department cleared their own officer of any wrongdoing and defended his use of force on the innocent autistic teen who suffered scrapes and bruises.

According to the Leibel family’s legal claim, the boy’s ankle was badly injured and needed surgery.

After the incident, the Leibel family asked Buckeye Police Chief Larry Hall for three things: (1) Grossman apologize face to face (2) Grossman perform community service in the autism community (3) Buckeye institutes autism training for officers.

However, the City of Buckeye reportedly ignored the Leibel family.

The Leibel family’s claim states:

So it’s with a heavy heart, and having received no meaningful response or apology from Buckeye to date, that Connor L. and his family are forced to pursue legal action…

(Source: KNXV, Buckeye Police Department AZ/YouTube)

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