Arizona Cop Witnesses Armed Robbery, Lets Robber Go, Doesn’t Report Crime

A female police officer witnessed an attempted armed robbery in a convenience store in Phoenix, Arizona on Aug. 11, but allowed the robber to leave and did not report the crime.

KNXV reports that the officer was off-duty, but wearing her uniform and working as a security guard at the store when the robber entered wearing a mask and carrying a knife.

When the robber went behind the cashier area to steal some money, the clerk called for the cop who came to the front of the store and reportedly shooed the robber away with her gun. The robber mocked the officer, and even dropped his mask to ridicule her.

The officer reportedly allowed the robber to leave, and did not file a police report.

Thanks to the officer’s failure to do her job, the Phoenix Police Department is now asking the public to help find the robber for a paltry $1,000 reward.

Police spokesman Sgt. Jonathan Howard told KNXV that the officer is currently “assigned to an administrative position.”

(Source: KNXV)

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