Arizona Cop Slams Woman Face-First On Concrete Floor, She Suffers Brain Injury

Officer Christopher Robinson reportedly slammed Samantha Glass face-first into a concrete floor at her ex-husband’s apartment building in Gilbert, Arizona in March 2018.

Glass claims that her ex-husband had taken their daughter with him to a nearby park, so she decided to sit in his car and wait for him, but it was locked. The alarm went off. She then went to his apartment, sat down outside the door, iand waited for him to return.

However, the ex-husband’s neighbors called the police on the 36-year-old woman, notes the Phoenix New Times.

Robinson accused Glass of trying to break into the vehicle to rob it, which she denied. Robinson then violently slammed Glass down on the concrete floor.

Glass was charged with interfering with a police officer and extreme DUI. She was convicted in May 2018 of the crimes, but was never charged with vehicle burglary, which Robinson accused her of multiple times.

Glass has now filed a compliant against Robinson for “unnecessary and unreasonable force” in Arizona U.S. District Court. If Glass wins, Arizona taxpayers will foot the bill for Robinson’s actions.

(Source: Phoenix New Times)

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